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Mumble Mumble Mumble
Sep 15, 12 1:22 PM
Updated Raid Rules
Dec 15, 11 2:49 AM
Now Recruiting Initiates
Aug 5, 11 1:58 AM
Wonderful News
Jul 4, 11 7:27 PM
Changes to Come...
Apr 20, 11 5:10 PM
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As you walk into the small regents shop in a corner of Silvermoon City, you feel a chill run up your spine; something not quite tangible having rippled through the shop. The employees of the shop are hard at work and barely notice you walk in, as though distracted by something much more important. You rifle through some of the products on the table, but a piece of parchment catches your eye. You begin to read...

The letter ends abruptly, but you have a feeling there is much more to this than meets the eye. As you turn to leave, You are still undecided as to whether or not you will attempt to find more information, but you can't shake the feeling that this corner of Silvermoon City is very different indeed...

Other Guild News

Mumble Mumble Mumble

SÀmi, Sep 15, 12 1:22 PM.
What's that you say? I can't hear you. Oh!! That's right

 you're still using Ventrilo. We have made the switch to

 mumble! Please feel free to follow us towards the new

 switch. Check out the forums as tutorials on how to use

 Mumble will be available shortly. 

Updated Raid Rules

CabalistBodua, Dec 15, 11 2:49 AM.

I will start with what everyone wants to know about first:


Dark Sun Cabal uses the EPGP system in raids.  Pugs will be given the chance to roll on items accordingly though. Any items that drop and are an upgrade will be given to the person who needs it and it will cost EP.  WE WILL NO LONGER ALLOW RESERVING ITEMS! Guild members will have the option to spend the GP of the item in case of a pug needing to roll on an item.  In the situation that a pug out rolls a guildy for loot, the guild member can spend the EP equal to the item to roll for a second time in an attempt to win the item.  All Tier Tokens will be open for EP, our Healers and Tanks are the most gear dependent in the raid and will be given a bonus of 500 EP per raid to help assist them getting geared.  We will strive to make our Vent a fun and not so angry place during raids!  So do try to be on point in the raid! 

*Ways to increase you EP!*

the way to increase your EP is simple; down raid bosses in our guild runs.  Now there is one other way to increase your EP.  Once per week, a donation will be able to be mailed to Bodua and it will be equal to downing one raid boss (2000 EP.)  The points will be added at the end of the week.  The donation items are as follows:

1.  10 Highland Guppies, 10 Fathom Eel, & 10 lavascale catfish
2.  5 of all Cata Flask
3.  I-level 378 BOE items and higher
4.  I-level 378 raid recipes for professions

Now, for the meat and potatoes of the raid rules:

Showing up to the raids in a timely manner and starting them on time will help the guild progress a lot further than before.  From now on, the calendar will be enforced.  You need to sign up.  Just showing up last moment will not guarantee you a raid spot, core group or not. 

I imagine everyone is tired of us wiping over and over again.  Well, now we will be adding a strike system into our raids.  If you are seen being the cause of a wipe or failing at a mechanic, you will be given a strike.  Three strikes and you will lose 500 EP.  Then, you will be given two more strikes and then you will lose an additional 500 EP. After that point,each subsequent mistake will cost 500 EP each until you are down to 0 EP. At 0, you will be asked to leave the raid group. The strike system will reset for each member every week. If you see someone messing up, please whisper one of the raid leaders to report it. It is not your job to call out mistakes, it is ours. So let’s keep everyone’s raid time as simple as possible!

Now with 4.3 and a new raid release, the EP will be completely reset for the entire guild.  We look forward to a new season of raiding together with a much more focused and concise goal. Together, we will show Deathwing that we mean business!

Good luck,
Bodua, Damendread, Joucasta, and Sav.

Now Recruiting Initiates

SÀmi, Aug 5, 11 1:58 AM.

Wonderful News

SÀmi, Jul 4, 11 7:27 PM.
Wonderful news everyone!! You can Now follow the guild on Facebook or even Twitter. It will be a great way to stay in touch even if we cant make it to Azeroth to see one another. Simply click on the About Guild link and there you will find both our facebook page and our Twitter page. See you soon friends!!!

Changes to Come...

CabalistBodua, Apr 20, 11 5:10 PM.
A new RP event has been placed on the scheduled and will be on the calendar regularly for the next month. Also, I would like to point out that Sajule has made his Mage, Echen, the new Confessor and we also have two more Confessors to add to our ranks; Keaal and Tammarica. Both Keaal and Tammarica will be Confessors OOC for now, until their RP can be made to match up with the current storyline, however their roles have been assigned and all are as follows:

Confessor:        Primary Responsibility:             Secondary Responsibility:
Bodua                Guild Administration                      
Role Playing Events   
Truenoir             Achievement Attainment                Guild Administration
Keaal                  PvP                                               PvE Progression
Tammarica          PvE Progression                            PvP
Echen                 Role Playing Events                      
Achievement Attainment

If you have any questions, please contact each respective Confessior! Thank you again, and we look forward to another new age of the Cabal!
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